Special Education Inquiry Project


GOAL 8) The development of the ability to create opportunities for learning that is responsive to students’ individual learning needs.


KWL chart for Sp. Ed Inquiry


GOAL 7) The development of the ability to create a caring, cohesive community of learners that celebrates and appreciates the spirit of inquiry.

In module, we started a “Know, Wonder, Learned” chart as a jumping off point for our Special Education inquiry projects. Our biggest takeaway seemed to be that special education is COMPLICATED. There are so many factors at play when designing a program for a student with learning disabilities.

From our chart, it seems we most wanted to know how we, as general education teachers, could help our students that required the extra assistance but possibly weren’t receiving it; additionally, we wondered about the long-lasting affects of Sp. Ed labels and modified programs.

My topic I decided on for my own inquiry was: “How do different service delivery models (inclusive vs. pull out) affect students and the assistance they receive?”

The Short Bus


Before PDP began, we were asked to read The Short Bus by Jonathan Mooney. The part-autobiography, part-travel journal, tells the story of Mooney’s trip across the United States in a renovated “short bus” to meet a series of people who have in some way been “outsiders” in either their education system or their communities.

In module, we were then assigned a chapter to depict visually. It was very interesting to see how different people interpreted the themes of the chapters and how evocative the drawings could be. The biggest takeaway from my chapter (5) and another group’s (4) seemed to be the sense of being on a line between normal/successful and abnormal/outcast. I believe that this is something Mooney struggles with himself throughout his journey, as he feels he has been “faking it” to stay on the normal side.