Self Portraits

In the phase-in week of my practicum, students (plus my school associate and I) completed self portraits as part of our “All About Me” unit. These are displayed in the classroom as a way to build our class community that shows our students’ individual identities.

Goal 6: “The development of a clear commitment to respect and celebrate students.”

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First Peoples Principles of Learning


GOAL 6) The development of the clear commitment to respect and celebrate students that demonstrates the understanding of how Indigenous epistemologies and pedagogies create opportunities to meet the needs of all learners.

My school community in 401/402 was dedicated to integrating First Peoples traditions and ways of knowing in the classroom. This played a role in our team’s question, with our examination of how the world is kept interconnected through natural and human conflict. Classes often participated in talking circles for discussion. The school was even in the process of commissioning a totem pole to represent the school’s four animal teams.