Mossom Creek Field Trip

During my long practicum, we were lucky enough to get to revisit the Mossom Creek Hatchery with our class. The students experienced nature up close and received engaging instruction about a salmon’s journey out to the ocean and back that was a great hook for their life cycles science unit.


First Nations Storytelling

One of my literacy units was a First Nations stories unit. I introduced the purposes for storytelling to my class, engaging them through their personal experiences with stories. One of the stories we read was Totem Tale; students then wrote their own animal stories and created totem poles that represented these stories. I believe that this unit engaged my students with First Nations art and literature in a way that broadened their perspective and opened them to new ideas.

Goal 1: “The development of a clear, coherent and justified view of education demonstrates understanding of the place of education as contributing to the creation of an open, pluralistic and caring society.”

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Remembrance Day

For Remembrance Day, it was important for me to have meaningful discussions with my students about why we wear poppies and create poppy-related art. It was also a way to have an arts lesson on visual design and perspective.

We also completed a “Peace is…” writing activity with a vertical surface brainstorm as a formative assessment piece before the write. This was a great way for me to assess their knowledge before the whole class discussion.

Goal 10: “The development of ability to use assessment and evaluation practices in a thoughtful and ethical manner.”

Science Made Fun Workshop

To build a deeper understanding of our science unit for my students, I planned an in-class field trip with a guest scientist from Science Made Fun. We completed the “What’s the Matter?” workshop; the students learned about how heat affects molecules, cohesion, mixing solutions, and got to make Oobleck!

Goal 9: “The development of the ability to blend theory and practice in well-organized ways.”

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Hands-on Math Instruction

In order to engage all of our learners, I created math lessons that involved play, exploration, and hands-on manipulatives. One of these lessons was a shape art lesson where students built their artwork using construction paper shapes, building their learning of composite shapes and visual design.

Goal 5: “The development of knowledge about curricular content, educational theory and effective practice.”

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Social Emotional Learning

I planned a Social Emotional Learning unit for my long practicum. It started with students completing “heart maps” as an extension of a read aloud of In My Heart. The unit also included students writing “feelings books” and journal entries about self-regulation strategies.

Goal 8: “The development of the ability to create opportunities for learning that accesses and engages students’ ability to think and learn through their minds, bodies, and hearts.”


Self Portraits

In the phase-in week of my practicum, students (plus my school associate and I) completed self portraits as part of our “All About Me” unit. These are displayed in the classroom as a way to build our class community that shows our students’ individual identities.

Goal 6: “The development of a clear commitment to respect and celebrate students.”

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