First Nations Storytelling

One of my literacy units was a First Nations stories unit. I introduced the purposes for storytelling to my class, engaging them through their personal experiences with stories. One of the stories we read was Totem Tale; students then wrote their own animal stories and created totem poles that represented these stories. I believe that this unit engaged my students with First Nations art and literature in a way that broadened their perspective and opened them to new ideas.

Goal 1: “The development of a clear, coherent and justified view of education demonstrates understanding of the place of education as contributing to the creation of an open, pluralistic and caring society.”

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Remembrance Day

For Remembrance Day, it was important for me to have meaningful discussions with my students about why we wear poppies and create poppy-related art. It was also a way to have an arts lesson on visual design and perspective.

We also completed a “Peace is…” writing activity with a vertical surface brainstorm as a formative assessment piece before the write. This was a great way for me to assess their knowledge before the whole class discussion.

Goal 10: “The development of ability to use assessment and evaluation practices in a thoughtful and ethical manner.”