Self Portraits

In the phase-in week of my practicum, students (plus my school associate and I) completed self portraits as part of our “All About Me” unit. These are displayed in the classroom as a way to build our class community that shows our students’ individual identities.

Goal 6: “The development of a clear commitment to respect and celebrate students.”

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GOAL 1) The development of a clear, coherent and justified view of education that speaks to a personal vision of what one can achieve as an educator.

I want to create a safe, positive classroom environment that makes learning fun and engaging.

I will work to come prepared with a plan that is open to improvement and adaptations to work with the individual needs of my learners.

I believe that passions should facilitate learning, and will interweave my passion for the arts into my teaching practice.

Educational Autobiography


GOAL 2) The development of a clear commitment to lifelong and life-wide learning that is rooted in the development of reflective capacities.

In the first week of module, we each created a poster to represent our personal educational journeys and the “dragons” that have been obstacles along the way. I chose the analogy¬†of a stage for my journey, as my biggest obstacles have been public-speaking and being strongly introverted (which have hindered me in times where discussion participation is the primary judge of achievement). I have always loved learning, and several of my stepping stones demonstrate this, as I got further towards my educational goals.